Cup Matches
Westerham Snooker League sponsored by Oxted Interiors Limited

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Whitmore Cup
Updated 03Apr14

This competition shall be open to all registered league players and entries shall be submitted by the date specified. Entry fee is £2 per player. Matches up to the semi-final shall be over three frames on a knockout basis. The semi-finals and final ties shall be over five frames and are to be played on a neutral table. Where applicable other rules shall be as for the Pop Robert’s Cup.

Star and Garter
Updated 10Feb14

This competition shall be open to all league clubs and any other club by invitation only. The object is to raise money to provide extra comforts for the patients of the Star and Garter Home for Disabled Ex-Servicemen at Richmond, Surrey. Entry fee is £10 per team. Teams shall consist of four players who must be registered at entry, (up to six may register), playing one frame each, no player may play for more than one team during the competition. Non-league players may be registered for this competition. Other rules are as those for the Pop Robert’s Cup. An award for the highest break will be made.

Mick Boakes Trophy
Updated 03Apr14

This Singles Competition is open to Registered Players in Division TWO ONLY. The rules are the same as for the Whitmore Cup except that the final is played at Westerham R.B.L. Entry fee is £2 per player. Division Two players may still enter the Whitmore Cup. 

Howard Cup

Updated 03Apr14

This competition shall be open to any pair of registered league players. Entry fee is £4 per pair and the rules are as those for the Whitmore cup.

George Jenns
Updated 03Apr14

This competition is open to all league club champions. There is no entry fee and the rules are as those for the Whitmore Cup, except that both the semi-finals and the final are played at Merstham Village Club.

Pop Roberts
Updated 05Mar14

Entry is compulsory for all league clubs, one team per club and there is no entry fee. Teams shall consist of five registered league players from each club. Matches shall be played over one leg only, five frames, one frame each player, the toss of a coin deciding the break of each frame. The team scoring the highest aggregate points will be the winner. Captains shall decide their order of play before the match by presenting to each other their players names listed in order. This order cannot be changed once the match has commenced. Any player not present when his/her name is called shall forfeit 147 points to his/her opponent. In the event of a tie at the end of the fifth frame the black ball shall be re-spotted and break decided by the toss of a coin. The final shall be played on a neutral table. The first named team shall be the home team. Result cards to be sent to the fixture secretary immediately after the match.